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Loblaw Updates for Superstore, No Frills and Extra Foods

The Loblaw contract expires September 28, 2023.

Watch this page for updates as we bargain for a fair contract and stay in the loop! Keep your contact info up to date so we can keep you informed as bargaining progresses.

Loblaw members: Meet your 2023 Bargaining Committee

February 24, 2023

The members on your bargaining committee represent a variety of departments from Superstore, No Frills and Extra Foods stores across Manitoba. At the end of March, they’ll begin working alongside…
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Loblaw Member Forum 1

February 3, 2023

Registration is required. All confirmed attendees will receive information via email and in the mail. You must arrange for your own time off and be in attendance for the whole…
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Register for a Loblaw Member Forum

February 1, 2023

Registration is closed. Please contact your rep if you have questions. Want to get paid to learn about your union? We’re preparing to negotiate your new collective agreement with Loblaw…
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Loblaw members: Do you have an idea that could improve your contract?

January 16, 2023

Proposal collection closed February 17. We’re preparing to begin negotiating your collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with Loblaw this spring. If you have an idea that could improve your contract, now is…
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Want to join the bargaining team for 2023 negotiations with Loblaw?

January 11, 2023

Open letter to all members working at Loblaw in Manitoba This year, we will be negotiating the renewal of your contract with Loblaw which includes all Superstore, Extra Foods and…
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Do I Get Paid for Sick Leave?

October 18, 2020

Did you know there are two ways to become eligible for paid sick leave? UFCW LOCAL832/WESTFAIR BENEFIT PLAN – HEALTH AND WELFARE TRUST FUND APPENDIX A-9 page 122 and 123…
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Loblaw Benefits Clarifications

October 18, 2020

There is much confusion over what health and welfare benefit plans are available to Loblaw workers and who belongs to which plan. Your Union negotiating committee spends a lot of…
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Pay Options for Loblaw Members

August 10, 2020

During this challenging time, there are many questions and scenarios about your pay when you miss work. Loblaw has created a Pay Protection Program which will cover your lost wages…
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