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English as a Second Language

The UFCW Training Centre offers a variety of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

Without English, it is hard to communicate outside of the home, at work or to learn about Canadian culture and to become involved in the community.

Our programs are here to help.

Choose the level of English as an Additional Language that’s right for you!


Basic EAL

Learn English to communicate at work, with the union and in day-to-day life.

Pre-Intermediate EAL

Improve your English for communicating at work, with the union and in day-to-day life. Learn basic grammar and feel more confident reading, writing and speaking with others.

Intermediate EAL (in Winnipeg only)

Expand your vocabulary and learn to express yourself more clearly when writing and speaking. Improve your grammar, pronunciation and listening skills. You will also learn new idioms and expressions.

Reading Comprehension and Writing

Improve your english reading and writing skills. Materials will vary based on your current level.


In Winnipeg some of these courses will be offered online.

In Brandon, all courses are online.

Costs to attend:

$60 if you are a:

  • Canadian Citizens
  • Work Visa
  • Student/Visitor Visa
  • Family member of a UFCW 832 Retiree member

$30 if you are a:

  • Permanent Resident (copy of PR Card required)
  • UFCW Local 832 Retireee

Free if you are a:

  • Refugee Claimant
  • Member of UFCW Local 832 in good standing

Like all of our programs, our classes are open to anyone, but priority is given to UFCW members.
If you are located in Brandon, we offer preparation for the Canadian Citizenship Test

To register, please call:

Winnipeg: 204-775-8329
Outside of Winnipeg: 1-877-775-8329

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