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Shop Steward Series

Our Shop Stewards Passport Program

All members will be given a personal passport to be kept in the training centre at all times. Here’s how the passport works…

Shop Stewards

  • Must attend New Steward and Grievance Handling in person before attending any other courses.
  • Stewards who have taken New Steward, Grievance Handling before Sept 1, 2020, will automatically receive those credits.
  • After that, Stewards can take courses in any order they wish.
  • 5 credits = level 1
  • 10 credits = level 2
  • 15 credits = level 3
  • 20 credits = level 4 (final level)
  • As this is a new program, we will be giving credit to Stewards who have already attended New Steward and Grievance Handling. You will not receive credits on the passport for courses you’ve attended prior to September 1, 2020.


Shop Stewards and Health and Safety committee members receive lost wages when they attend training.

If you’re interested in becoming a Shop Steward or Health and Safety committee member, speak with your Union Rep.

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