Read more about the $44,500+ scholarships to help pay for post-secondary education available to members and their family.

An adult graduate with a beard wears a cap and gown and holds a diploma

Education & Training Trust Fund Scholarships

One of the many benefits of being a UFCW 832 member is your access to scholarships that can help you and your family pay for an education!

UFCW 832 awards more than $44,500 in scholarships each year to members and their families.

Scholarships are available to UFCW 832 members who are:

  • In good standing and work for an Education & Training Trust Fund (ETTF) employer. 
  • Have never received scholarship funding previously (one scholarship per member in a lifetime regardless of the number of dependents or children they may have).

UFCW 832’s Director of Education & Training selects the successful applicants. Their decision is final and binding and is not subject to appeal.

$2,000 Workplace Scholarship (4 available – one per employer)

  • For members from Loblaw (Superstore, No Frills), Maple Leaf, Red River Co-op or Sobeys Capital Incorporated (Safeway, FreshCo) or their dependents.

$1,000 General Scholarship (18 available)

$1,000 Indigenous Scholarship (5 available)

  • For members from an ETTF employer or their dependent. If chosen, the member will need to provide proof of treaty status, Metis membership or their Inuit card.

$500 Red River College Scholarship

  • For members from an ETTF employer  or their dependent attending Red River College.

Apply for a Scholarship

Applications for Education Fund scholarships are open from February 1 to May 31 annually.

Scholarships are for students attending classes in the upcoming fall/winter of the same calendar year that you apply.

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More Scholarship Opportunities for UFCW 832 Members

All UFCW 832 members are eligible to apply for these scholarships offered by affiliated labour groups. Each has its own eligibility and timelines and you can click through for more information, including contact details.

Manitoba Federation of Labour Cerilli Scholarship

  • $1000 is available to members who are union activists and advancing their education.

Brandon Labour Council – Colleen Seymour Scholarship

  • A $500 scholarship from BDLC for union members or their immediate family pursuing union-related work.

UFCW Canada Beggs-Dowling-Mathieu Scholarships

  • $1000 is available to UFCW members or their children or dependents.

UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship

  • Up to $8,000 is available to UFCW members or their dependents under age 20.
a group of graduates stand holding their cap tassels

Scholarship Success Story


Scholarship Recipient

Veronica works for Red River Co-op and was awarded their workplace scholarship for UFCW 832’s Education Fund scholarship program in August 2021. In her words: 

“I want to thank you for providing me with the opportunity and for helping me with my tuition! I plan on studying Geography, I chose geography because it allows me to learn more about our environment that I am very passionate about. A common misconception people have is that geography is all about maps when it encompasses so much more. In my studies, I have learned about how people form relationships with their environment, how our actions have consequences for our climate, and overall I’ve gained a greater geographic awareness. I love how it allows me to focus on how the environment can change with natural and human influences. Geography lets me learn and eventually share what I am passionate about.”

Veronica, UFCW 832 member and scholarship recipient