Health & Safety Committee

Health & Safety Committee members identify and address health and safety concerns in the workplace and advocate for a safe and healthy work environment.

Mask, work gloves and steel-toed boots.



Starting in January 2024, Health & Safety Committee Members will login to their Learner Account to view a list of the courses they’re eligible to take and/or register themselves for upcoming training.

An adult student siting in a classroom with other students, holding a pen and listening.

Course Info

Committee members receive lost wages when they attend training.

Passport Program

The Training Centre provides incentivized, ongoing training to its activists in order to keep them up-to-date on best practices.  All Health & Safety Committee Members are given a learning passport that is kept in the Training Centre.

  • Health & Safety Committee Members must attend our first course before taking any other classes:
    1. Level 1 Health & Safety
  • After that, all other courses may be taken in any order.
  • Members may have to take some courses in person in accordance with Manitoba law.
  • Each course taken after September 2020  is equal to one credit, and members receive a stamp (credit) for each course they attend.
  • WebCampus courses offered by UFCW Canada count equally in the Passport Program. 
  • Every five new credits is recognized as a new level and members receive a diploma, letter from our President and a $10 gift card.
    5 credits = level 1
    10 credits = level 2
    15 credits = level 3
    20 credits = level 4 (final level)