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Jeff Traeger

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Jeff Traeger became the third full-time President in the 83-year history of UFCW Local 832. He was first elected in the fall of 2011 and is currently serving his third term. Besides leading the largest private sector union in Manitoba, Jeff also serves as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Manitoba Federation of Labour and represents the interests of working Manitobans as a member of the Labour Management Review Committee. Nationally, Jeff represents Manitoba on the UFCW National Defense Fund where he sits as an administration and audit committee member. He is a member of the UFCW Canada National Council and an International Executive Board Vice-President for the UFCW International Union headquartered in Washington D.C. Jeff Chairs most of the Health and Welfare Trust Funds that provide benefits to Local 832 members. He is also a trustee on the Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan with over 300,000 members. “Being the president for such a progressive organization gives me the opportunity to work with and for many good and talented people. It makes it possible for me to have a positive influence on people’s lives on a daily basis and that is truly an honour”.

Beatrice Bruske

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Bea Bruske has been working for UFCW Local 832 in a full-time capacity since 1994. Bea was an activist working at SuperValu, which was a Loblaw owned grocery store. While working at SuperValu, Bea became involved with Union activities during the Westfair Foods strike of 1987. Following the strike, Bea took on roles as a shop steward, health and safety committee member and was elected to the Local’s executive board as a vice president. Bea was hired in 1994 and started as a full-time union representative servicing in the grocery industry. During her time as a servicing rep, Bea worked with health care, retail, non-profit and security members. Bea became a full-time negotiator for Local 832 in 2004, and as a negotiator has bargained in the retail, security, non-profit, food production, health care and warehousing industries. On October 24, 2011, Bea was elected as Secretary-Treasurer for the Local. In her current role as Secretary-Treasurer, Bea is responsible for looking after the finances of the local. She is also serving as a trustee on a number of health and welfare trust funds, the MFCW Dental plan and was appointed by the Manitoba Council of Health Care Unions to serve as a trustee on the HEPP (Health employee pension plan) in 2017. Bea has served on a large number of committees within the local as well as serving on the national UFCW diversity committee. She has served a number of terms as a UFCW representative on the Manitoba Federation of Labour and served as an employee representative to the Manitoba Labour Board from 2007 to 2018. Bea was appointed to the UFCW Canada National Council Executive board in the spring of 2018 and represents UFCW Manitoba’s interests on a national level. Bea recognizes the role that provincial politics plays in creating legislation that affects workers and is currently serving on the executive of the Manitoba NDP. Bea holds an Arts degree from the University of Manitoba where she majored in Labour Studies.

Marie Buchan

Director of Operations
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Prior to joining the UFCW 832 staff, Marie was a member and shop steward at St. Boniface Hospital and at Safeway store 712 as a cashier and customer service clerk. Marie began her career with UFCW 832 as a relief representative in 2002 and became a permanent, full-time union representative in March 2003. In the same month, she was elected to the executive board of the UFCW Canadian Council. Marie has since served as UFCW 832’s Director of Servicing, Negotiator, Executive Assistant to the President and most recently as Director of Operations where she oversees all staff and operations of the Local’s three offices and two training centres in Manitoba. Marie represents UFCW Local 832 as a member of the Manitoba Federation of Labour Executive Council and is Secretary Treasurer for the Manitoba Council of Healthcare Unions. She is a trustee for a variety of Health and Welfare Benefit Plans, served a term as a board member for the Central Regional Health Authority and is a member of the Board of Directors for Manitoba Blue Cross. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Marie attended the University of Winnipeg and South Winnipeg Technical Institute.


Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones has been on the Local 832 executive board since 1998. She starting working as a security officer at Garda in May 1995 and became a shop steward shortly thereafter. Since 2001, Deborah is has been the chief shop steward at Garda. She worked with the union and training centre to assist in developing the training for security guards, which has been legislated in Manitoba. Deborah sits on Local’s women’s and social committees, as well as representing the Local on the Manitoba Federation of Labour Women’s Committee. She is also on the Winnipeg Labour Council’s executive.

Tom Biebrich

Tom has worked at Sun Gro Horticulture for about 37 years and is currently a packaging supervisor. He is the chief shop steward as well as a health and safety committee member. Tom has been involved in negotiations, worked as a relief rep and facilitated at the training centre. Since 2014, he has been a vice-president on the Local’s executive board. Tom is an avid motorcyclist, golfer and enjoys all sports.

Kathy Brnjas

Kathy has been employed at Loblaw (formerly Westfair Foods) since May 20, 1980. For over 20 years, she has been a shop steward and a co-Chair on the health and safety committee. Kathy also served on the UFCW Training Centre Advisory Committee and was involved with negotiations for the last four union contracts. She has been a vice-president on the Local’s executive board since 2002.

Dean Rodwell

Dean Rodwell works at Maple Leaf Brandon and has been a member of UFCW since 2000. He works in the maintenance department at the plant and holds his plumbers and commercial (A) gas licence. Dean has been a member of the negotiating committee for the last three collective agreements and has been the chief steward for about 20 years. Since 2005, Dean also facilitates courses for the union’s training centre in Brandon and has assisted the union as a relief rep. Dean has been a vice-president on the Local’s executive board since 2010.

Dianne Gibson-Pierce

Since October 1987, Dianne has worked for Loblaw (formerly Westfair Foods). She has been a member of the health and safety committee for over 20 years and the worker co-Chair since 2000. Dianne has also been a shop steward since the early 1990s and a member of the union negotiating committee for the last two rounds of bargaining. She has served as a vice-president on the Local’s executive board since April 2007.

Malcolm Welch

Malcolm Welch has been a member of UFCW Local 832 for 36 years. He first worked at Safeway for 31 years, and now he’s been at Red River Co-op for five. Malcolm first started out as a Shop Steward 20 years ago when he was working at Safeway. He was approached by another Shop Steward there, who took him under his wing and ever since that time, he has been a Union Activist. He’s been on four Negotiating Committees, helping to bargain fair contracts for his coworkers, and he’s active on the Joint Labour Managment Committee. Malcolm has also been a Special Projects Union Representative (SPUR), helping to organize workplaces, and he’s been a relief rep for the Union, providing assistance and relief to the team of Union reps. He is also active on the Health And Safety Committee. This has been a great journey for Malcolm, and he looks forward to his role on the executive board.

Laura Cote

Laura Cote became a UFCW member when she started working at the Lorette Marketplace in 2012. In 2016, she became a shop steward and has become more involved with her union since. Laura attended the UFCW Young-Workers Internship Program in 2017. She has also been an active participant on the Lorette Marketplace bargaining committee. As of March 2018, Laura, has been a vice-presidents on the Local’s executive board.

Ted Bacalzo

Ted became a vice-president of UFCW Local 832 executive board on May 12, 2017. He has been employed at HyLife since March 9, 2011. Ted is also a shop steward and a member of the health and safety committee.

Charlene Desjarlais

Charlene has been a member of UFCW Local 832 since October 1991, when she started as a Health Care Aide at Vista Park Lodge. Charlene has been a shop steward for approximately 20 years, and before that she sat on Vista Park’s Health and Safety Committee. She has had the privilege of sitting on the last four negotiating committees for Vista Park. Charlene is also an active facilitator at the UFCW Training Centre.

Sandy Barylski

Sandy Barylski has been a union member since 1978. He started his career at Canada Packers, but has been at Sysco since 1994. For over seven years, Sandy has been the chief steward at the plant and participates in joint labour/management meetings. He has also been a member of the negotiating committee for two consecutive contract negotiations. Sandy was elected to the Local’s executive board in January 2018.

Wes Connell

Wes has been a member of UFCW Local 832 since October 23, 1993, when he started working for Canada Safeway. Since 2001, Wes has helped his fellow members in his capacity of shop steward and has taken several of the shop steward classes through the training centre. Wes sat on the bargaining committee for the 2014 and 2018 Safeway negotiations and will be on the committee for the upcoming ones as well. He was elected to the UFCW Local 832 executive board in January 2018.

Lisa LaRosa

Lisa LaRosa has been a member of UFCW 832 since 1981, working for Safeway. She first became active within the Union when she became a Shop Steward in 2012. In 2018 in the second round of negotiations following Sobey’s buyout of Safeway across Canada, Lisa joined the Bargaining Committee to make a difference and get a fair deal for her fellow members. Now Lisa will bring her voice to the executive board where she hopes to improve the conditions for members all across Local 832.

Frank Manaigre

Frank has worked at Granny’s Poultry since 1981. He is a shop steward and has sat on the negotiating committee. Frank is a very strong union supporter and is always there for his co-workers. Frank has been a vice-president on the Local’s executive board since January 2014.

Alex Ciumac

Alex was born in the Ukraine. He moved to Canada in 2004 and has made Winnipeg his home. Since 2005 he has been working for Maple Leaf CF Winnipeg and is a member of UFCW 832. He started his career as a production worker GL in the curring department (night shift) and has been an operator of staffing machines, an employee of the sanitation department, a smoke house operator and ham formulator. Alex currently works in the bacon department as a dry goods receiver. He’s been an active shop steward since 2016 and in May of 2017, Alex became a vice-president on the Local’s executive board.

Rob Jessup

Robert Jessup works at Life’s Journey Inc. and has been with the union since 2012 when he helped to organize his workplace. Robert has filled a variety of roles for the union, including being part of the negotiations team for the first collective agreement. Now Robert is an active shop steward, he sits on the Safety and Health Committee for his workplace and is now an Executive Board for Local here in Manitoba. Robert was a candidate for the Provincial NDP in the 2019 Provincial election, currently sits as the president of the Steinbach NDP association and has also been nominated and acclaimed as the vice president for the South with the Provincial NDP. Robert is an active Citizens on Patrol member within the Steinbach Branch, and still somehow finds time to spend with his kiddos and wife Michelle.

Roger Siemens

Roger has been employed at North of 53 Co-op in Flin Flon since 2011 in the bulk fuel department. Roger was appointed to the executive board in 2020, but before that, he represented his fellow members on both the health and safety committee and as a shop steward. In his off time, Roger runs his own home-based mechanical business.

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller joined Local 832 on November 1, 2010, when his UFCW Local 227W merged with Local 832. Jeremy was the president of 227W, which was a small Local made up of the 22 Malteurop plant employees. Jeremy is a shop steward and has been a member of the bargaining committee for the last three rounds of negotiations. Since November 5, 2010, Jeremy has served as vice-president on the Local’s executive board.

John Sulyma

John Sulyma was appointed to the Local’s executive board on January 2013. He has been been employed at Pepsi since June 19, 1985, where John has been very involved with his union, serving on the audit committee, hardship committee and as a trustee. He is an active shop steward and has assisted on the bargaining committee.
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