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Union Magazines

In the September / October issue of UNION:

  • Minimum Wage Increase Isn’t Nearly Enough!
  • How Do Your Benefits Work?
  • Manitoba Needs to Lead the Way on Paid Sick Days

Year: 2020

In the Summer issue of UNION:

  • All Lives Can’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter
  • FreshCo Store Conversions
  • Red River Co-op Bargaining Underway!

Year: 2020

In the Spring issue of UNION:

  • Now is the time to be kind
  • Bargaining during a pandemic
  • Which do I choose? EI or CERB

Year: 2020

In the March / April issue of UNION

  • Q&A with Bea Bruske about here CLC Campaign
  • Retirements at the Local
  • Winnipeg School Division 1 Bus Drivers Give Unanimous Strike Mandate

Year: 2020

In the Jan / Feb issue of UNION

  • What do you get for your dues?
  • Don’t let others vote for you
  • Fighting for Fairness for Security Guards

Year: 2020

In the November / December Issue of UNION

  • Succesful Grievances: A Year in Review
  • Member Profile – Theresa Holfeld
  • Are the Robots Going to Steal My Job? Only if we let them

Year: 2019

In the September / October Issue of UNION:

  • 5 Things to Remember this Provincial Election
  • Is your THermal Cash Register Receipt Paper Safe?
  • Retail Theft Still a Growing Concern

Year: 2019

In the July / August Issue of UNION

  • Pallister’s Un-Healthy Health Care
  • Territory Changes for Union Reps
  • Celebration of the 1919 General Strike and Winnipeg PRIDE

Year: 2019

In the May / June issue of UNION:

  • Trudeau Needs to Protect Workers
  • Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the 1919 General Strike
  • Arbitration Win for Aryzta Members

Year: 2019

In the March / April issue of UNION:

  • Local 832 women play key role in history
  • Changes for the better at IMI
  • $15 and fairness in Manitoba

Year: 2019

In the January / February issue of UNION:

  • Working towards #ABetterStellas
  • Cutting Red Tape
  • Were you on Probation?

Year: 2019

In the November / December issue of UNION:

  • Who owns your tips?
  • Light the Night
  • Pallister’s failing promises

Year: 2018

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