Now is ‘still’ the time to be kind!

As we head into the long weekend (even though it hardly feels like it), workers on the frontlines of this pandemic are still doing their part as they have since the beginning. Our members in retail and security have been out there with the public making sure shelves are stocked and property and communities are secure. They have also had to maintain social distancing protocols in the places they work or are assigned to work. This is a tough and thankless task that can, unfortunately, result in abuse.

The majority of customers, clients and the public are polite, thankful and extremely grateful for the work our members are providing and we thank them for treating the workers with the respect and dignity they so deserve. Some, however, are overly demanding, bullying and in an alarmingly frequent amount of cases, verbally abusive!

“We are all in this together,” said Traeger. “Bullying and intolerance are never ok, and right now, more than ever, we need to pull together as a community, be kind and support each other.”

 Workers are following the Public Health Order to keep everyone safe and healthy and should be treated with respect and kindness. We haven’t beaten Covid-19 yet, we have only flattened the curve. As we see numbers go down, it may be tempting to disregard the measures that have been put in place, however, we need to remain vigilant. Please respect our members and all workers who have to interact with the public during this challenging and uncertain time.

Here are five ways customers, clients and the public can do their part:

  1. Be Kind
    Demanding and bullying will not make items appear out of a backroom or change protocols. Any kind of abuse towards the workers will not be tolerated. Kindness matters and is always welcome. These workers are performing their jobs so that we have the items we need and protecting us and property so that we remain healthy and safe.
  2. One customer per cart/Social Distance
    Stores are limiting how many people go in and out, bringing extra people makes it harder to physically distance in the stores, and it means others have to wait longer to get in. Follow guidelines of social distancing from security guards and businesses and things will go smoother and quicker
  3. Shop for your friends, family and neighbours
    To keep numbers in stores low, shop for your friends, family and neighbours.
  4. Don’t ‘hang out’ at the grocery stores or public spaces every day
    Plan ahead, get what you need and come back in a week or two. Make a schedule to be in public spaces every week or two to avoid large crowds and it easier for security officers who are enforcing social distancing in our communities
  5. Follow all Social Distancing rules
    Keep 2 meters between yourself, other customers, and employees and the public, look on the ground for lines while you’re waiting in line. 

UFCW Local 832 represents over 17,000 members working in food production, food distribution warehousing, grocery retail, hospitality, security, personal care, and assisted living. They all deserve to be respected and treated with kindness for the work and service they provide. They put themselves at risk for all of us to be well-stocked with all our essentials, safe and healthy.