Close Call at Maple Leaf Brandon

Last night, the union was informed about a positive case of COVID-19 in a security guard who worked at the plant. The good news for members working at the plant is that the security guard has not been present at the plant for over two weeks, and they contracted COVID-19 after their last shift at the plant.

“This is a reminder of how vigilant we need to be,” said Jeff Traeger, president of UFCW Local 832. “I’m very relieved that COVID-19 still has not made it’s way into Maple Leaf, or any other large plant in Manitoba, but this feels like a close call.”

The union is still gathering details, but what we know so far:

  • The security guard last worked at the plant on April 28, and was showing no symptoms of COVID-19 at that time.
  • The guard was tested on May 4 and received a positive result on May 6
  • Maple Leaf was informed yesterday, May 15, who informed us.
  • Maple Leaf has been in contact with the public health department and they have been told that this situation poses ‘an extremely low risk’

UFCW 832 wants to offer this Security Guard well wishes and a speedy recovery.

In the event of any positive case showing up at Maple Leaf, UFCW 832 will be demanding that Maple Leaf close the plants for two weeks and cover the wages of all employees during this time.

If any member at Maple Leaf Brandon has any additional questions, concerns or information, please contact your union rep at 204-727-7131.