Maple Leaf Bargaining is beginning

We have begun the process of preparing for this year’s negotiations with your employer and your contract will expire on December 31, 2020.

We are putting together your bargaining committee and starting today (June 1st) and going until Friday July 10th we need to hear from you about what you’d like to see in your new contract.

Normally we would have meetings with all of our members to discuss proposals as a group, but with COVID 19 and the public health order in place that’s just not possible.

To make this as convenient as possible we are accepting proposals from all of our Maple Leaf members in several ways including:

  1. You can visit our website at https://ufcw832.com/mapleleafwpgproposals and submit your proposal idea there.
  2. You can email your proposal directly to the lead negotiator, President Jeff Traeger at jeff.traeger@ufcw832.com.
  3. You can email your proposal to your full-time Union Representative, Sharon Grehan at sharon.grehan@ufcw832.com.
  4. You can phone your proposal into Sharon Grehan at 204 786-5055 and press extension 222.
  5. You can submit your proposal in writing to any Shop Steward and ask them to forward it to the Winnipeg UFCW office to the attention of President Jeff Traeger.
  6. You can mail your proposal to UFCW Local 832, 1412 Portage Ave, R3G 0V5 to the attention of President Jeff Traeger.

Once all of your proposals have been received we will compile them with your bargaining committee and start scheduling dates to bargain with your employer either in person (if allowed) or through video conferencing.

Thank you for participating in this very important process and for helping your bargaining committee bring you the best contract possible!