Important changes to the Manitoba Security Guard Training Program manual

May 18, 2022 —  Recent changes made to Manitoba laws regarding trespassing have required updates to content in the Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP). Current guards will not have to do any sort of retraining but should review these changes and ensure they understand them.

In late 2021, The Trespass Act (formerly The Petty Trespasses Act) was proclaimed. The new legislation has moved away from the ability for a property owner to arrest a trespasser without warrant solely based on their refusal to leave the premises. This also affects security guards acting on behalf of property owners.

Changes can be found on the following pages of the updated manual:

Unit 3 – You and the Law

  • Page 11, correction to quoted Charter language; from “thereof” to “therefor”.
  • Page 12, correction to the format for listing the Criminal Code.
  • Page 26, updated language regarding potential consequences for using too much force.
  • Pages 30 to 35, significant additions and changes to content regarding trespassing, related offences and security guard licensing.
  • Page 37, Updated ninth bullet point on trespassing.
  • Page 39, Updated answer option for question 5.

Appendix A – Answers

  • New answer for Unit 3 Check Up 2, question 6.

Appendix B – Legal References

  • Insertion of the Trespass Act to replace the previous Petty Trespasses Act.

Questions and answers impacted by these changes are currently removed from the final exam. Once they are updated, they will be incorporated back into the final testing materials at the end of June 2022. This will provide trainers with time to adjust their training delivery to the updated content.