VLRC ratifies new deal with online vote

UFCW 832 members working at Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada (VLRC) voted in favour of accepting a new four-year contract with their employer. 

“This bargaining committee prevailed throughout negotiations and showed tremendous focus and patience while working our way through the 60+ items agreed to in the MOA,” says Phil Kraychuk, union negotiator. “They faced a lot of adversity but kept their eye on the prize and are now rewarded with impactful improvements for themselves and their co-workers.”

Highlights from the deal include: 

  • New and boosted premiums: +$1.25 premium for each certified position and increases to the weekend and evening pay.
  • Wage scale increases of 10% that will now occur on the member’s work anniversary. Previously, members had to wait until June or December for their annual increase. 

The vote was conducted online and via phone through a third-party organization, a first for this membership group. VLRC is a not-for-profit national organization with offices in various locations in Canada,  providing rehabilitation therapy and healthcare services to people with vision loss. We represent staff in Manitoba who assist individuals with mobility, transportation, activities and work experience.