Restaurant and Hospitality Workers hit hard by Covid-19

Covid-19 is affecting each industry in a different way. While grocery and food supply chain industries are becoming more and more busy, the hospitality members we represent are dealing with layoffs.

“We call on every employer who is forced layoff workers to look after their employees,” stated Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832.  “The workers who helped to make your businesses successful, deserve your support now more than ever.”

To any UFCW 832 member who has been laid off we encourage you to do two things:

  1. Call your Union Representative
  2. Apply for Employment Insurance

Call your Union Representative

If any laid-off member has not done so, the Union urges you to contact your Union Rep and let them know. Your Union Rep will start off by making sure that your employer is following the collective agreement for your layoff to ensure you get everything you are owed through your collective agreement.

The Union is also in constant contact with multiple other unionized companies that are hiring right now to meet the increased demands.

Click here for a list of employers

Apply for Employment Insurance (EI)

The Union has prepared the attached document on how to get through the EI process to help you, and we will gladly discuss this with you if you have questions. If you don’t qualify for EI you may qualify for the emergency response benefit.

Click here for our guide on how to apply for EI

If you have any other questions or concerns we encourage you to reach out to your Union Rep to have them answered. 

UFCW Local 832 represents over 18,000 members working in food production, food distribution warehousing, grocery retail, hospitality, security, personal care, and assisted living.

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