Now is the time to be kind

While Manitobans are facing the constantly changing realities of Covid-19, our members are working incredibly hard to adapt to this new reality and to meet this challenge head-on.

On Thursday, March 19, I reached out to Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, calling for emergency actions and immediate considerations for workers on the front lines in food production, food distribution, warehousing, grocery stores, security, personal care, and assisted living.

UFCW 832 members are the people working hard to look after our loved ones by helping them and all Manitobans get the food, protection, care and supplies they so desperately need.

These front-line workers are under unprecedented stress during this pandemic and yet they continue to provide the essential services we all need. We are advocating on their behalf to ensure they too get the protections and acknowledgement they deserve.

At the same time, our members in hospitality are facing layoffs and uncertainty and we are doing everything we can to work with employers to ensure they are fairly compensated and to help those affected find work where it’s available.

I want to thank the UFCW 832 members of Manitoba for all you are doing for all of us during this most challenging of times. As you work to keep Manitobans safe, know that we are working for you, your family and our community, and we will continue to do so now and into the future.

When Manitobans see our members and all workers doing their best to provide them with what they need, please be kind, be considerate, be supportive, and remember that we are all in this together.


Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832