Loblaw workers vote yes for a strike mandate

September 11, 2023 – Manitoban workers from Superstore, No Frills and Extra Foods voted more than 97% in favour of a strike mandate. These nearly 4,000 workers are members of UFCW Local 832, which has been bargaining with Loblaw since June. 

By voting overwhelmingly in favour of a strike mandate, Loblaw workers are showing their employer that they are serious about getting a fair offer and recognition for their efforts. The union and Loblaw are back at the bargaining table this morning, and negotiations are scheduled to continue right up to the current contract’s expiry on September 28.

UFCW 832’s bargaining committee is made up of 16 Loblaw members from a variety of departments and stores across the province and five staff members from the union. This group has been working with Loblaw members since February to collect feedback and contract-improving ideas, which they brought to the bargaining table in June.

“During the pandemic, these workers were deservingly treated like heroes but since then, morale and working conditions have dropped,” says Jeff Traeger, UFCW 832 president and lead negotiator. “They’ve seen the headlines about Loblaw’s record profits and Galen Weston’s compensation package and now they need to see an offer that recognizes the important role they’ve played in boosting the company’s success.” 

UFCW Local 832 represents approximately 4,000 Loblaw workers across Manitoba. They work in the province’s Superstores, No Frills and its last Extra Foods. 


To arrange an interview with Jeff Traeger, lead negotiator and union president, please contact:

Chris Noto (he/him)
Communications Coordinator, UFCW Local 832