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Other UFCW across Canada

UFCW Canada The national office of the UFCW in Canada
Local 175 and 633 The largest UFCW Local in Canada. Covers all of Ontario with the majority of their members working in retail food stores
Local 247 UFCW Local 247 represents over 10,000 members in in British Columbia at employers such as Westfair, Safeway, IGA, and many others
Local 248P Based in Saskatoon, and also has members in several other Saskatchewan communities
Local 401 The UFCW Local that represents Safeway and other employees in Alberta
Local 500R Montreal, Quebec
Local 501 St-Leonard, Quebec (French)
Local 503 Quebec (French)
Local 509 Charlesbourg, Quebec (French)
Local 1000A Rexdale, Ontario with members across Ontario
Local 12R24 Represents over 6,000 employees of The Beer Store who work in warehouses, on delivery trucks and in more than 450 retail outlets in Ontario
Local 1400 The largest UFCW local union in Saskatchewan
Local 1518 The UFCW Local which serves Safeway employees and members who work for a variety of other companies in British Columbia

Unions & Other Organizations

Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CWIPP) Pension plan for over 9,000 Local 832 members
Manitoba Federation of Labour Manitoba Federation of Labour- The voice of 90,000 union members in the province of Manitoba
Manitoba Council of Health Care Unions
B.C. Teachers Federation The union that represents teachers in the province of British Columbia
CUPE Manitoba
Canadian Auto Workers Toronto, Ontario
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Ottawa, Ontario
CCPA The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Community Unemployed Help Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba
COPE/SEPB The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union represents approximately 34,000 members across Canada, formerly known as OPEIU
H.E.R.E. Local 40 Hotel, Restaurant and Culinary and Bartenders’ Union in British Columbia
IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, their international web site
M.G.E.U. The home page of the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union
NUPGE National Union of Public and General Employees is a ‘blanket’ organization composed of 15 other unions that primarily represent government employees
Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) – The national Canadian web site for this union that represents 80,000 Canadian members
Teamsters Union The International Union’s home page
UNISON Britain’s largest union
United Auto Workers The UAW’s international website with frequent updates on U.S. based stories
United Farm Workers The web site of the union that represents the workers who toil in California’s grape vineyards and strawberry fields
United Steelworkers of America Toronto, Ontario

UFCW in the United States

United Food and Commercial Workers – International Office, Washington, D.C.
Local One, Utica, New York – Utica, New York
Local 2D – Represents primarily beverage workers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
Local 5 – California
Local 7 – Represents 23,000 supermarket and other food workers in Colorado
Local 8– Golden State, California
Local 21 – Local 21 is the largest union in Washington State, the result of a merger between Local’s 1001 and 1105
Local 27 – Baltimore, Maryland
Local 75 – Ohio, Kentucky, Indianna
Local 135 – Based in San Diego, California
Local 141 – Represents registered nurses in Washington State
Local 227 -Louisville, Kentucky
Local 324 – Buena Park, California
Local 328 – Middletown, Rhode Island
Local 342 – Represents 13,000 members in New York state
Local 371 – Based in Westport, Connecticut
Local 400 – Landover, Maryland
Local 431 – Represents close to 10,000 workers in Iowa and Illinois
Local 464A – Represents over 18,000 people in New Jersey and New York
Local 480 – Honolulu, Hawaii
Local 540 – Dallas, Texas
Local 555 – Tigard, Oregon
Local 655 – Represents 17,000 members in St. Louis and eastern Missouri.
Local 700 – Indianapolis, Indiana
Local 711 – Serves approximately 7,000 members in Nevada and Utah
Local 770 – Hollywood, California
Local 789 – South St. Paul, Minnesota
Local 791 – Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Local 876 – Madison Heights, Michigan
Local 880 – Cleveland/Akron, Ohio
Local 881 – Represents 36,000 members primarily in Illinois and in Northwest Indiana
Local 888 – Mount Vernon, New York
Local 919 – Represents 10,000 members employed in various industries in Connecticut
Local 951 – Grand Rapids, Michigan
Local 1059 – Columbus, Ohio
Local 1105 – Seattle, Washington
Local 1167 – Represents supermarket and other workers in Bloomington, California
Local 1262 – Clifton, New Jersey
Local 1360 – W. Berlin, New Jersey
Local 1428 – Represents supermarket and other workers in Claremont, California
Local 1439 – Represents more than 6400 members in the state of Washington
Local 1442 – Represents members employed in supermarkets in Santa Monica, California
Local 1445 – Represents more than 17,000 working people in northeastern New England.
Local 1459 – Springfield, MA
Local 1496 – Representing 3,700 members in Alaska, the most northern and most western UFCW Local in the world.
Local 1473 – Represents 7000 members in Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan.
Local 1500 – Queens Village , New York
Local 1546 – Represents 34,000 workers in the Chicago area, mostly in retail, but also in meat packing, health care and other industries.
Local 1776 – Norristown, Pennsylvania
Local 1996 – A UFCW Local in the state of Georgia with members working in grocery stores, meat packing and poultry, food processing and packaging, garment plants, healthcare and military bases.