Versacold and UFCW 832 Want Government Action On Nearby Workplace Explosions

On several occasions, vehicles in a crushing machine at the nearby company, Industrial Metals have exploded, sending metal shrapnel onto the property of VersaCold Logistic Services, where United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 832 members park and eat lunch. Both VersaCold and UFCW 832 are appalled at the Pallister Government’s inaction to provide a safe environment for workers.

“This is an inexcusable safety issue that has gone on for too long, and should have been corrected when it was first reported by the Company in 2015,” stated UFCW 832 President Jeff Traeger. “It’s only a matter of time that this inaction will result in someone being seriously hurt when all of this could be easily avoided if the proper protocols were put in place.”

After multiple requests to the government by the Company were ignored, the union was informed, and UFCW 832 President, Jeff Traeger along with Company officials contacted local St. Boniface MLA, Dougald Lamont, asking for additional assistance.

A joint letter was sent to Minister Sarah Guillemard regarding the numerous explosions that have taken place over the years at the neighbouring Industrial Metals. Video and photographic evidence of metal shrapnel that has landed where employees park and eat lunches was provided to the government requesting it to take action.

“No one should be exposed to these safety hazards, but despite raising the issue many times over with the provincial government, nothing has been done. The government of Manitoba needs to act now. It is not safe,” said MLA for St. Boniface, Dougald Lamont.

Both parties are now publicly asking for the Pallister Government to step in before such an event takes place.

VersaCold Logistic Services is located at 200 Dawson Road North
UFCW 832 represents over 100 members at the frozen foods warehouse.