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Wage increases in new deal for members working at J.C. Foods

January 31, 2020

Members working at J.C. Foods unanimously ratified a new one-year collective agreement. The new deal contains wage increases that range from $.40 to $1 per hour and maintains the fairness that has been built up over the years in the current collective agreement.

"This new deal builds on what we already have with J.C. Foods and brings in good wage increases that are well above the rate of inflation," said Phil Kraychuk, Union Negotiator.

Proposal Meeting scheduled for members at J.C. Foods

November 25, 2019


Dear member working at J.C. Foods,

As you know, your existing Collective Bargaining Agreement expires on January 31, 2020. We have already begun to prepare for negotiations to bargain a new agreement on your behalf.  Part of the preparation process is to obtain your ideas about what improvements should be negotiated into it. As such, we will be hosting a proposal meeting for you to attend so we can obtain those ideas from you and use them to draft our official proposals to present to your Employer once negotiations begin.

J.C. Foods Members Prime for New Agreement

November 21, 2016

The existing collective bargaining agreement for the union members working at J.C. Foods expires on January 31, 2017. As such, the union is has begun to prepare for the upcoming negotiations.

Blake Crothers, union negotiator for UFCW Local 832, who will head up these negotiations, has scheduled a proposals meeting for December 13. He encourages J.C. members to attend this meeting and voice their ideas on what changes and improvements they wish to have in their new contract.

Agreement reached at JC Foods

April 13, 2010
Ratification date to be set soon. The union is pleased to advise that a tentative agreement has been reached with your employer on the renewal of your collective agreement. All outstanding issues were resolved during negotiations that took place between the parties on April 8 and 13, 2010.

JC Foods negotiations start

February 12, 2010
Next set of talks scheduled for March 11 Negotiations with your employer for your new Collective Agreement began on February 11, 2010.  Your Union Negotiating Committee comprised of Sydney Smith, Angela Trupp and myself exchanged proposals with your employer and discussed them in detail.  Follow-up meetings are planned for March 11, 2010 with the intention of making significant progress against these proposals.

JC Foods proposal meeting date changed

December 4, 2009
Your existing collective bargaining agreement expires on January 31, 2010.  We have already begun to prepare for negotiations to obtain a new Agreement.  Part of the preparation process is to obtain your ideas about what improvements should be negotiated into the new agreement. Heather Dezan, Union Representative, UFCW Local 832, will head up your negotiating committee.  She will be at the proposals meeting to hear your suggestions.
Proposals Meeting for J.C.

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