UFCW 832 is pleased to see Right to Refuse Sunday Work legislation maintained

November 22, 2019

UFCW 832 is pleased to see that the right of retail-workers to refuse work on Sundays will remain in legislation and will continue to be a right that Manitobans can rely on.

As part of the Labour Caucus of the Labour Management Review Committee (LMRC), we argued the importance of the right to refuse work on Sundays so that our members and all Manitobans working in retail could maintain some work-life balance.

"We appreciate that this government has listened to our member's concerns and has maintained this right," said Jeff Traeger, president of UFCW Local 832. "While work-life balance is getting harder and harder to maintain, it's good to see this government is maintaining some rights for those working in retail."

The new legislation will also remove the restrictions on Sunday hours, allowing retail businesses to stay open after 6 p.m. on Sundays and remain open on holidays.

"We are, of course, disappointed that members will be forced to work extra hours and spend more time away from their families," stated Traeger. "We appreciate that in today's world, people don't want to be limited when and where we can shop, but those who want these conveniences are often not the ones who have to work these hours."

Another issue that wasn't addressed today that UFCW 832 would like to see going forward is a requirement that employees know their work-schedules at least 10-days in advance. This is the next initiative that

UFCW will be bringing forward to the MB Government. This is regularly bargained into our contracts, but this is something that every worker should be entitled to.

UFCW 832 represents over 8,000 members working in grocery retail at Loblaw (Superstore, No Frills, Extra Foods), Sobeys West Inc (Safeway, FreshCo, Sobeys Extra), and multiple Co-ops across the province.


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