HyLife Foods Negotiations Update

November 12, 2019


Negotiations for a new collective agreement started on Friday, November 1st.  The parties have had two days of negotiations to date and have seven more days scheduled between now and Christmas. 

Your Union negotiating committee is comprised of:

  • Ted Bacalzo
  • Kevin Hulsmans
  • Arnold Nayve
  • Colin Nicholson
  • Cam Nicholl
  • Phil Salmon
  • Robert Villafranca
  • Tim Whitford
  • Union Rep, Wendy Lundy
  • Union Negotiator, Blake Crothers
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Bea Bruske  

The Company has a bargaining committee comprised of: 

  • Grant Lazaruk
  • Guy Baudry
  • Thor Eiriksson
  • Don Dufort
  • Al Picard
  • Lyane Cypres
  • Kevin Cook
  • Lindsay Hextall

Both parties have tabled very extensive proposal packages.  Many of the proposals are in direct opposition to the other party’s position. We will be working our way through the non-monetary proposals first before we get into wages, premiums, benefits etc.

Our next day at the bargaining table is on November 20th and we will keep you informed of the progress that we make.   If you have any questions about the process, please contact me at your earliest convenience at 204-785-5055 or at bea.bruske@ufcw832.com

In solidarity,

Beatrice Bruske
UFCW Local 832

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