Election results are in

August 22, 2019

At 4:32 today, we received the results from the commissioner, and we regret to inform you that UFCW 832 was not successful in retaining any of our members in health care. 

We are sad, of course, to lose our health care members through this ridiculous process. UFCW has stood up for our members at St. Boniface, Grace Hospital, WRHA Laundry, and across the Northern Regional Health Authority for a very long time. Supporting health care will always be an important part of who we are as a union.

It would be easy for us to get mad at the other unions, but we cannot forget that this whole venture was designed by Pallister to pit union vs. union and worker vs. worker. This exercise does nothing to make health care better for Manitobans, and it does nothing to solve the health care crisis that Pallister has brought to our hospitals. It's simply more proof that Pallister doesn't represent or care about the values of workers.

Which is why, as unions, we all need to stand together, support each other and put our collective focus towards the Provincial Election on September 10th. Where we can stand up for working families, and kick Pallister out of office.

We will continue to represent our members in health care across the province with fairness and diligence until the time comes for us to transition our members to their new union. At that time, we will work with the successful unions to ensure a smooth transition.


In Solidarity

Jeff Traeger
President, UFCW Local 832


You can click here to review the results of the election.


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