Forums a success, now on to bargaining

May 1, 2019

BRANDON – Last Saturday, April 27th, 2019, UFCW 832 staff were once again joined by over 60 members. Shop Stewards and Health & Safety Committee members from Maple Leaf came together at the UFCW Training Centre in Brandon for round two of our Red Meat Forum.  

This was a repeat event from our first Red Meat Forum, with one new announcement, the Bargaining Committee has been finalized for the upcoming negotiations with Maple Leaf:

Dean Rodwell - Maintenance
Kim Knox-Powers - Picnic Line
Sam Matiosky - Powerhouse
Kathryn Huyes - R and D
Ann McLellan - Belly Line
Glenn Skipper - Clean Kill
Muluken Teshome - Clean Kill
Elsa Alverado - Stomach and Chits 
Marvin Landeverde - Shipping
William Kelso - Butt Line
Holly Gower - Cafeteria 
Daniel Yanes - Dry Storage 
Tesegreda Alemu - Front End Kill 
Gerrard Quewezance - Loin Line
Ke Jun Zhao - Sanitation
Sanmit Patel - Maintenace
Jeff Traeger - President
Bea Bruske - Secretary-Treasurer
Brenda Brown - Union Representative


Maple Leaf Foods Inc (Brandon) is a pork processing plant. UFCW Local 832 represents around 2,000 members at the Brandon plant who work on the kill and cut operations.

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