March 27, 2018

The negotiations of the renewal of the collective agreement for the FASD Life’s Journey-Office Workers is set to continue on April 20.

Union negotiator Martin Trudel said, “I’m pleased to advise that the FASD board of directors has given the agency direction in terms of how the funding is to be used and as such bargaining is now set to resume. The union committee is confident the parties will be able to complete the negotiations process.”

Following the aforementioned date, the union will provide the FASD members with an update as to the status of their negotiations.

FASD Life’s Journey offers residential, outreach, and fostering programs with adjunct services, including cultural supports, clinical resources, addictions and wellness programming opportunities. Our members work in group with those who have been diagnosed with FASD. Our members help with day-to-day living and provide resource support.

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