Members at Bunge Canada reject company's offer vote in favour of strike

May 21, 2008
Thank you to all members who attended the membership meetings held on May 16th. Your 95% rejection of the company’s latest position and your 93% strike vote will make a difference. The government appointed conciliation officer has confirmed that meetings are scheduled for May 28th and 29th (in Winnipeg as the Company was unable to book hotel rooms or meeting rooms in Russell for those dates). For members who were not able, for whatever reason (I know some of you were very busy fighting fires and we appreciate that!), to attend the membership meetings on May 16th, enclosed are the documents that were distributed at the meeting. The rejection vote and strike votes were conducted after the documents were completely reviewed and all questions were answered. We believe it is very important that you know what happened at the meeting as you are bound by the results. Enclosed for everyone is a “Strike Preparedness” leaflet. Please read and implement the suggestions made. The best way of preventing a strike is being as prepared for one as you can possibly be. I encourage you to read the information and if you have any questions contact UFCW negotiator Mary Johnson toll-free at 1-888-832-9832. Our next membership meetings are scheduled as follows: DATE: FRIDAY, JUNE 13TH, 2008 TIMES 4:30 PM AND 7:15 PM PLACE: RUSSELL INN If a tentative agreement has been reached, you will be asked to vote on the recommended settlement. If we are unable to reach an agreement, you will be asked to vote on the Company’s final (or latest) offer. If rejected, we will then discuss best dates for effective strike action to commence. Please make every effort to attend one of the membership meetings. Now is the time to stand up solid together! That’s how we’ll attain the best collective agreement possible!

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