Your 2022 Safeway/FreshCo Bargaining Committee

The bargaining committee is made up of rank-and-file UFCW 832 members representing a variety of store departments and locations. They will work alongside the lead negotiator and union representatives to review all member ideas and prioritize which proposals to include final package that will be submitted to Sobeys West when bargaining begins on December 2. 

The bargaining committee is committed to keeping you informed throughout the negotiations process and will be providing updates here on our website, as well as keeping sub-committee members and activists informed so that you can easily keep on top of what’s happening. 

Leslie AddisonStore 4851Pharmacy
Jason BarrettStore 4857Front End
Ryan BrayStore 4829Bakery
Lisa CancillaStore 4844Meat
Lorraine CollinsStore 4832Floral
Wes Connell Store 4821Cashier
Lauren HatchStore 4867Wellness
Rick HortonStore 8936Meat/Deli/Bakery
Leanne KordalchukStore 4828Front End
Lisa LaRosa Store 4822Front End
Michelle McMullan Store 4844Grocery
Bill Nikolaus Store 4854 Grocery Nights
Kay Wetherill Store 4851 Front End