Brad Pallen – Insurance Appraiser

If Autopac informs you that your vehicle is a write-off, call Brad Pallen at

C 204.284.5664,
H 204.488.1265
email at bpallen@shaw.ca.

At no charge, Brad will attend the compound and visually inspect the vehicle. Should he feel there is an injustice in Autopac’s offer, he will set up a free consultation with you explaining the Autopac regulations regarding the appraisal procedures. Should you decide to proceed, Brad will reduce his fee from $400.00 to $300.00 and do all the necessary paperwork with guaranteed results.

He will also request a cheque in the amount of the offer from Autopac to help ensure you have some cash to purchase a newer vehicle, until the claim is

Brad will also appraise your collector car for $250.00 – a saving of $50.00. Brad is an Accredited Appraiser and a Commissioner for Oaths in the Province
of Manitoba.

Brad Pallen – Insurance Appraiser
(204) 284-5664 or (204) 488-1265