UFCW 832 Members Working at Stella’s Serve Up a Strike

After a full day of meetings today, UFCW 832 members working at Stella’s on Sherbrook voted overwhelmingly in favour of going on strike. The picket line will begin in front of Stella’s on Sherbrook tomorrow morning (Monday, September 21) at 7:00 am.

“This is not a strike over wages, this is a strike over the complete lack of respect that this Employer shows to workers,” stated Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832. “We have been in a constant battle with this employer since the Not My Stella’s campaign happened. A campaign that pointed out the worst of the many problems this employer has.”

The Union Bargaining Committee has been attempting to get a deal for the workers at the Stella’s Sherbrook location since June, and the 39 members had previously voted unanimously in favour of a strike mandate. During this process, the employer has consistently not taken the process seriously and has not come to the table with any proposals.

“This employer is one of the most disrespectful that UFCW 832 has ever dealt with. The strength and drive of these members continue to impress me,” Stated Traeger.

UFCW 832 previously represented two locations owned by Stella’s, the Union ran an organizing drive at the Stella’s airport location earlier this year, with the results of that vote still unknown, since the ballot box has been sealed at the Labour Board since March, due to an unfair labour that has not yet been resolved. Earlier in May, due to COVID. In May, Stella’s closed the second location that UFCW 832 represents in Osborne.