UFCW 832 Calls for Increased Protections and Wages for Security Guards

Security Guards are on the frontlines of this pandemic. They are enforcing physical distancing in public spaces, and they often end up being the first-responder to any incident at workplaces where they are present.

“Security Guards are already some of the most under-appreciated workers we have in our society,” said Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832. “Security work is already precarious with the employer-client relationship, and wages are constantly suppressed due to high competition.” 

UFCW 832 represents over 1700 security guards working at G4S, Garda, Impact, Securitas, and SRG. Earlier today, the union sent a letter calling on employers to clarify their safety-plans for their guards, provide safety equipment and increase wages.

“Guards are frontline workers, and they deserve the same increased compensations and safety protections that others are receiving,” said Traeger. “In addition to that, we want to ensure that no guard is making below $15 an hour.”

UFCW Local 832 represents over 18,000 members working in food production, food distribution warehousing, grocery retail, hospitality, security, personal care, and assisted living.

Read the letter sent to employers