UFCW 832 Calls for Boycott of All Stella’s Locations

As a result of constant attempts at worker intimidation and suppression, the Union is calling on the public, UFCW membership, and the broader labour community to boycott Stella’s at every location.

  1. Stella’s Sherbrook – 116 Sherbrook Street
  2. Stella’s Catering & Commissary – Unit16 – 1100 Waverley Street
  3. Stella’s Bakery – 110 Sherbrook
  4. Stella’s Grant – 195 Grant Avenue
  5. Stella’s at Plug In – 460 Portage Avenue
  6. Stella’s au CCFM – 340 Provencher Boul.
  7. Stella’s on Pembina – 1463 Pembina Highway
  8. Stella’s YWG – This location is closed

* The Union is aware of other non-Stella’s locations owned either in whole or in part by the ownership of Stella’s, we will add those to boycott as they are confirmed.

“Ownership and upper-management at Stella’s have never understood that when you ignore your problems, they don’t just go away,” stated Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832. “As the decision-makers for this company, ownership and upper-management have never come to the bargaining table and they’ve spent a small fortune on bad advice on how to deal with the Union. This advice has only made matters worse.”

The Union is willing to return to the bargaining table at any point, provided the employer is willing to show up, put aside the public spin and actually work on addressing the issues for our members.

The strike and boycott will continue until either the employer come to the table, and we resolve the outstanding issues. Or at the end of 60 days, either side can apply to end the strike through alternate dispute resolution.