Thank you members!

January 16, 2022: Everyone is facing extra stress right now, so we want to once again thank you for your contributions. If you’re healthy, then we thank you for going to work. If you’re not feeling well, we thank you for calling in sick and not putting others at risk.
Tomorrow, kids are returning to in-class learning as Omicron’s spread continues throughout our province. And while there are so many additional factors contributing to collective unease, we want to remind you that you are not alone and we are here to support you.
We’ve compiled COVID resources on our website and if you have other questions related to your safety at work, you can also always check your collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or ask your union representative.
We also want to remind you of your right to refuse unsafe work without being disciplined by your employer. If you’re asked to perform a job that you think is dangerous to your safety or health and there are not appropriate precautions in place, speak to your manager or supervisor. You may be temporarily assigned a new task while your right to refuse is being investigated.
We know many members have been concerned about going to work and interacting with the public and/or with co-workers. Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health has determined that attending work in the context of the COVID-19 does not constitute a danger as long as the employer and employees are taking precautions. However, if your employer is not enforcing mask usage or any other safety precautions, we ask that you exercise your right.
Read more about the steps required to refuse unsafe work from SAFE work Manitoba. Read more about your legal rights in the workplace on our website.
If you have questions or concerns about anything happening right now, please reach out to your union rep.