Reh-Fit members secure new four-year CBA

UFCW 832’s members at the Manitoba Cardiac Centre (Reh-Fit) Inc, in Winnipeg ratified their new, four-year collective bargaining agreement. 

“The fitness centre membership dropped significantly during COVID and they’re still working to bring it back to pre-COVID levels,” says Phil Kraychuk, union negotiator. “This group deserved some significant change and the result was some excellent monetary gains for all.” 

Highlights of the CBA include: 

  • Funds for professional development
  • Wage increase between 3-15% in year one, and 2.5% in years two, three and four
  • Overall language cleanup. 

The Manitoba Cardiac Institute (Reh-Fit) Inc opened in 1979, and was Canada’s first certified medical fitness facility. They take a unique approach in helping adults learn the strategies to overcome life’s challenges and stay committed to a healthier, more active life. Our members work in building services, member services and as fitness professionals, physiotherapists and nurses.