Members at Life’s Journey Ratify New One-Year Deal

FCW 832 members for both the office and frontline collective agreements concluded an online voting session yesterday (Monday, April 16, 2023) where both bargaining units voted yes to their new collective bargaining agreements (CBA).

The reason for the short term of the CBA is due to government funding uncertainties. The government recently announced new funding for the assisted living sector, in response to our NotJustAJob campaign and the lobbying efforts of Abilities Manitoba. Our NotJustAJob campaign is a joint-union campaign with UFCW832, CUPE and MGEU, and we have been calling for more funding for this sector to improve wages. Both cbas have the language to address mid-term funding increases.

“Our bargaining committee has worked hard to get this new deal. This renewed short-term agreement will help resolve some of the outstanding issues for these members,” said Phil Kraychuk, negotiator. “We look forward to having the new funding roll out so we can work on new, fair wage grids for our members.”

A summary of resolved items in the CBA are: 

Office Workers

  • A new year six wage rate
  • Vacation alignment
  • Retro pay, back to October 2022
  • New Long-Service Premium
  • New Milestone Bonuses
  • Increased Mileage Rate

Frontline Workers

  • New start and top rates
  • Added Outreach Support Mentors to Long Service Premiums
  • Retro pay, back to October 2022
  • Increased Mileage Rate
  • New Milestone Bonuses
  • Language to allow more flexibility for rural premiums.

UFCW Local 832 represents over 600 members at Life’s Journey. The workplace is split between two collective agreements: the office staff and the frontline workers.  The office looks after the case management for clients, while the frontline workers provide disability services through residential outreach, cultural supports, clinical resources, addictions and wellness programming and so much more.