Members at Dauphin Co-op vote YES to new CBA

Yesterday, UFCW 832’s members from Dauphin Co-op ratified their four-year contract after a few months of intense bargaining. 

“This group came into bargaining with conviction and the committee worked incredibly hard to get as much as they could for their co-workers,” says union negotiator Joe Carreiro. 

Highlights from four-year deal include:

  • addition of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation,
  • increases to all premiums and a new 40-year+ long-service premium of $1
  • 2% wage increases each year, drivers receiving additional increases up to 2.5%
  • full retroactive pay and lump-sum payments of $100-$200. 

UFCW 832 represents workers at Dauphin Co-op locations which include a grocery store with a deli and a baked-from-scratch bakery, two agro centres providing agricultural supplies and two gas bars.