Maple Leaf Brandon COVID-19 Update – Friday, August 7, 2020

This afternoon, we were informed that there are two more positive cases of COVID-19 at Maple Leaf Brandon, bringing the total up to 10. These cases are closely linked to the existing cases from earlier this week.

“Our position does not change at this point,” stated President Jeff Traeger. “UFCW 832 still believes that the best thing to do is to shut down production, wait for any remaining test results to come in so the situation can be properly assessed and dealt with.”

Plant Inspections

The results of the Manitoba Public Health, Workplace Safety & Health, and the CFIA plant inspection are in, and they will NOT be issuing an order to close the plant, and Dr. Brent Roussin has stated that “The company has gone beyond public health recommendations.”

We will continue to watch this very closely over the weekend and in the days ahead. If you see practises or procedures in the plant that do not follow proper protocol, we encourage you to reach out to your union rep at 204-727-7131. We are addressing each of your concerns with management.

Now is still the time to be kind

Let’s all keep our fellow members in our thoughts right now, and offer any self-isolating worker, well wishes and a quick recovery. And let’s all remember to follow all public health protocols to keep ourselves and one another safe.