Life’s Journey office and frontline staff secure meaningful changes in their ratified contracts

On June 2, 2021, Life’s Journey members in both the office and front lines ratified separate but impactful 1.5 year collective bargaining agreements with meaningful wins. 

Contract highlights include:

  • A new, seventh week of vacation for all and lowered vacation qualifications for frontline members
  • Expansion of a compressed work week
  • Two new float days for frontline workers
  • Wage increases of just over 2% for office workers
  • Contributions to the UFCW 832 Education and Training Trust Fund which provides all members access to training opportunities including scholarships and bursaries
  • Overall contract language cleanup

“It’s great to see such deserving folks ratify CBAs that are going to make an impact on their day-to-day work life,” says union negotiator Phil Kraychuk. “The bargaining committees for the office and frontline staff both did a great job of honing in on meaningful wins for their co-workers.”

Life’s Journey Inc. is an agency that supports people who are impacted by neuro-developmental disorders, including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in multiple rural and urban locations within Manitoba. They offer residential, outreach, and fostering programs with adjunct services, including cultural supports, clinical resources, addictions and wellness programming opportunities. Our frontline members work in group homes and as outreach workers for their clients, helping with day-to-day living and providing resource support. Our members who work in the office provide clients with case management and support their day-to-day living needs such as housing, food, leisure activities, banking and employment.