Bargaining Update – September 1

Hi, everyone, my name is Marie Buchan. I’m the Secretary-Treasurer for the local, and I’m also working with Jeff as one of the negotiators for this round of bargaining. We just concluded a very busy, full week of bargaining. We started on Monday and just actually finished around 4:00 today. It was a good week, a productive week.

We are scheduled to be back at the table on Monday, September 11th.

So, a reminder for everyone that coming up from September 8th to 10th, we are having a strike vote.

You may have already received an email from us outlining the strike vote and what you should be watching for. You will all be receiving in the mail and via email if we have your email address information on how the strike vote is to be conducted and what you need to do to cast your ballot, we are asking that you vote yes and give us a strong mandate to take back to the table for our last three weeks of bargaining with Loblaw.

Thank you for your support, and make sure you please keep an eye out on the website. Watch your bulletin boards for all information in the upcoming weeks.