Company tables concessions then cancels bargaining

January 17, 2018


Company tables concessions then cancels bargaining

“The first day of bargaining talks with Sobeys was brief and unexpected. They came in for 90 minutes and presented a small list of proposals that would effectively gut the current collective agreement. Then they notified us that they were cancelling the remainder of the week of bargaining and potentially cancelling more dates. This is extremely unusual and we are very concerned with the proposals put forward and the fact that there are no further talks scheduled,” stated President, Jeff Traeger.

Since Sobeys has taken over Safeway, they messed with the supply chain, understocked shelves, cut hours to the bone and now they’re proposing major cutbacks at the bargaining table that will take money out of your pockets!

The company wants to:

  • “Restructure” your wages
  • Reduce your vacation time and make cuts to your vacation pay
  • Make you pay for your own benefits
  • Reduce or eliminate premiums including nights, Sundays and evenings
  • Cut the number of full-time jobs in half, meaning no new full-time positions
  • Stop paying into the education fund
  • Taking work away from you by outsourcing Kiosk spaces
  • Taking more work away from you by allowing outside vendors to do their own stocking of shelves.

This is the first step towards conversions to the FreshCo banner. It appears they have no interest in maintaining the rights and working conditions we have bargained for the last 50 years.  It seems they don’t respect the Safeway staff or their 90-year history – this is a new owner with apparently new intentions.


Here’s how your bargaining committee felt:

“Their attitude coming to the bargaining table made me feel undervalued.”

“Safeway has been my primary source of income, I’m proud of the work I do. And I would like to be able to keep doing it.”


Coming soon: What would converting to FreshCo mean for you.


Your collective agreement expires on March 17, 2018 


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