Vacation: your CBA doesn’t have language on blackout dates

Vacations were one of the recurring themes at our Loblaw Member Forums in March. Here’s guidance from your Union Reps on what your CBA says about booking vacation.

Do you work at Superstore or Extra Foods and your vacation request was denied?

Recently, we were informed that some members have had their vacation requests denied because their supervisor said there are BLACKOUT dates where no one is allowed vacation time.

Your collective agreement DOES NOT have language on blackout dates. There may be dates that the store’s management, who are not part of the bargaining unit, are not allowed to take vacation due to their blackout dates however this is not part of your contract language.

Your contract specifically states that vacation requests are to be in by no later than March 31 and are by seniority. After March 31, vacation requests shall be granted on a first come, first served basis.  In scheduling of vacation, the Company agrees to act fairly, reasonably and in good faith.

Read through section 11 (PDF page 45) of your collective bargaining agreement for more specifics on vacation. If you still have concerns about how your vacation request was handled, call your Union Representative.