Members at Sun Gro Ratify New Agreement

On May 16 after a series of votes took place, UFCW members at Sun Gro voted YES to ratify their new collective agreement. 

In 2022 UFCW organized the lab workers at the plant, and up until this agreement they had their own separate agreement. In this round of bargaining the Union was able to merge them into the main agreement.

“Our bargaining committee worked especially hard to make great improvements in this deal, for themselves and the rest of the membership,” said Joe Carreiro, Union Negotiator. “The membership will be happy with this great new agreement.”

A summary of this agreement includes:

  • Additional bereavement days
  • Increased footwear allowance
  • 5¢ increase to evening and night premium
  • Reclass for a number of the members giving them a $1.50 increase on average
  • Wage increases of 4.5% in year one, 2.5% in years two and three, and 2.5% in years four and five.
  • Additional wage adjustments for the Lab Staff
  • New service premiums introduced
  • Language cleanup

Sun Gro Hort Inc. is a peat moss producer of horticultural-grade peat. UFCW 832 represents all members who work at the Elma plant and harvesters at the Ramsay Bog.