How to Join UFCW
in Four Steps.

Step 1: Sign Cards

  1. Identify everyone who should be inside the bargaining unit.
    Ensure at least 40% of the bargaining unit signs a UFCW membership card.
  2. If we have less than 40% of the bargaining unit, our application for a vote can be denied, and we can’t apply again for another six months.
  3. Submit our cards to the Manitoba Labour board to apply for a vote.

Step 2: The Vote

  1. Within seven days of the application, the Manitoba Labour Board will invite both the union and the employer to a planning meeting.
  2. At the meeting, it will be decided who is in the bargaining unit.
  3. A date for the vote will be set, and information will be sent out by the Labour Board to the bargaining unit on how to vote.
  4. We need over 50% of the bargaining unit to vote YES to become officially unionized with UFCW 832.
  5. If the majority votes NO, then we can try again in six months.

Step 3: New Member

  1. Once you’ve become a member, The Manitoba Labour Board will impose a freezing order on your employer. The freezing order prevents your employer from making any changes to your pay, scheduling or workplace without going through the bargaining process. You can still be disciplined or fired if the employer has good reason.
  2. A negotiator will contact your employer to get them to sign an Access Agreement, allowing your new Union rep to visit you in the workplace.

Step 4: Bargaining

  1. A bargaining committee will be formed from among the new members. The committee will sit at the bargaining table with the lead negotiator.
  2. The negotiator will ask the new members to submit proposals of what improvements they would like to see in their workplace (wages, scheduling, or any improvement).
  3. Bargaining will happen through a series of meetings between the union bargaining committee and the employer (or their lawyer).
  4. When bargaining finishes, the members will get to vote on the outcome. It could be a tentative agreement with the employer or a final offer from the employer.
  5. If the bargaining unit votes NO to the agreement or offer, the negotiator will decide the best path forward, but the plan may be to take a strike vote and push to go on strike.
  6. If the bargaining unit votes YES, you will now have your new collective agreement, and Shop Stewards plus a health and safety committee will be selected in your workplace.