Ensuring Your Workplace Health and Safety Rights in Winnipeg

The right to a safe workplace in Manitoba is an absolutely crucial one, as the way that you earn a living to support yourself and your family should not require that you put your health and safety at risk. This is why UFCW Local 832, a food, commercial, and warehouse workers union in Manitoba, believes that it is important for workers to be aware of some important changes that have come to Manitoba's workplace safety and health laws over the last few years.

Recently enacted laws now ensure that joint workplace health and safety committees play a much larger, more influential role in the workplace. Employers are required to consult with the committees in order to create a written-out workplace health and safety program that helps to secure the workplace health and safety rights of all employees.

Workplace safety programs must identify all possible hazards which may cause injury or which pose a risk to workers' health. Each workplace program must also put a plan in place to either eliminate these hazards or, if eliminating them entirely cannot be done, to reduce them as much as possible. Winnipeg health and safety training, for example, can be an effective method of risk mitigation.

Another important component of the program is the development of a schedule for regular workplace committee inspections. A plan must also be put in place for the investigation of workplace accidents. The joint workplace health and safety committee is then tasked with reviewing the program and assessing how effective it has been every three years.

Acting on your workplace health and safety rights is just as important as knowing what they are. It is up to every worker in Manitoba to ensure that their rights are enforced by looking out for dangerous situations and tasks at work. If you feel like your health and safety has been put at risk, then you have the right to inform your manager. You also have the right to reach out to your union representative if you feel that it is necessary.

Manitoba food, commercial, and warehouse workers unions such as UFCW Local 832 have an important role to play in ensuring that these new laws are effectively implemented in the workplace. Unions can provide crucial support to the joint health and safety committees that are the backbone of these workplace health and safety programs.

UFCW Local 832 is committed to ensuring that committees are meeting at least once every three months, performing the regular inspections which are tasked for them under the new laws, and sending their meeting minutes to a union rep. We also provide comprehensive health and safety training in Winnipeg.

A strong union is a strong voice to have on your side. Union representatives from UFCW Local 832 are proud to work with health and safety committees, and to ensure the workplace health and safety rights of each individual worker. If you're interested in the benefits of becoming a member of UFCW Local 832, then get in touch with us today.

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