Negotiations Update for Safeway and FreshCo

Retail workers like you sent a serious message to Sobeys Capital Incorporated this week by voting overwhelmingly in favour of a strike mandate. You’ve worked hard and deserve to have your contributions recognized by your Employer.

We see you. We hear you. And we are ready to fight for you.

This week in bargaining, we were able to finalize an agreement to have two separate bargaining units: one for Safeway and one for FreshCo in Manitoba. This allows the Union to work through each group’s unique concerns and give members in each of the bargaining units a better voice at the table.  

What does this mean for FreshCo members?

As soon as bargaining for the Safeway contract ends, we will begin bargaining for FreshCo. A bargaining committee made up exclusively of FreshCo members will focus on the issues that matter to YOU.

In the meantime, your current contract will remain in place until we can negotiate and vote on a new one. Start thinking about the improvements you’d like to see in your next contract. We’ll be reaching out to collect your ideas and hear your concerns as things progress.

Our negotiations sub-committee will also be in FreshCo stores tomorrow to collect any other questions you may have. Once we have compiled them, we will follow up with all FreshCo members. 

What does this mean for Safeway members?

We will continue our current bargaining of the Safeway contract and once that is concluded, we’ll jump into bargaining for FreshCo. Your bargaining committee remains the same and we’ll continue to provide updates such as the one below, here.