UFCW is standing behind you. Always.

Joining UFCW means job security, fairness and knowing that your union has your back. A union allows workers to negotiate as equals with their employer. Unionized workers earn higher wages, have safer workplaces and better policies that protect them from abuse.

Your employer cannot fire you, or discriminate against you in any way for trying to unionize your workplace.

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Sign a membership card

How do I join UFCW 832?

  • Contact us

    A. Use our Contact Form, or call us at 1-888-832-9832

  • Sign a Card

    A. Working with staff from the union, you and coworkers will sign membership cards

    B. This is confidential. Your employer does not have the right to know who signed cards.

  • Secret ballot vote

    A. When enough people have signed membership cards, the union will apply to the Manitoba Labour Board to hold a vote in your workplace. The vote will take place within five working days of the application.

    B. Vote “Yes” to join the union.

  • Start bargaining your first contract

    A. You and your co-workers will submit proposals. These proposals can include anything that will improve conditions in your workplace.

    B. Your new contract will become the rulebook for your workplace. If your employer doesn’t follow the rules, your union has your back.

What a union can do for you

Union members notice three main differences in their work life:

  • Improved wages and benefits
  • More respect on the job
  • Increased job security

The Benefits for Union Members:

  • You know when they will get a raise, and how much it will be.
  • You have the support of legal counsel and specialists in labour law.
  • You and your co-workers have a voice in how the workplace operates.
  • You can raise workplace concerns without fear of losing your job or being disciplined.
  • You have a legal contract that protects your wages, benefits and working conditions.
  • You have a formal process to dispute unfair treatment and disciplines

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All communication with UFCW 832 is confidential and is never shared with your employer.

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