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Sobey’s West Inc. (Safeway & FreshCo)

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Keep an eye on this page for bargaining updates for Safeway and Freshco



Good News! Tentative Agreement Reached!

March 17, 2022

Click above to watch President Traeger’s update or read the full transcription below. Hi, I’m Jeff Traeger, president of UFCW Local 832, and I’m coming to you today from our…
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President Traeger gives a crunch-time update

March 16, 2022

Hi, I’m Jeff Traeger, president of UFCW Local 832 and the lead negotiator for this round of talks with Safeway. Here to give you an update from crunch time, it…
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We’re getting close to the deadline!

March 15, 2022

The deadline is coming up fast, and your bargaining committee is pushing hard to get you fair wages and conditions to vote on. We sat down with your committee and…
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Negotiations Update for Safeway and FreshCo

March 4, 2022

Retail workers like you sent a serious message to Sobeys Capital Incorporated this week by voting overwhelmingly in favour of a strike mandate. You’ve worked hard and deserve to have…
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Thank you & bargaining update for members at Safeway & FreshCo

February 28, 2022

Transcribed from President Traeger’s video: Hi, I’m Jeff Traeger, president of UFCW Local 832 and the lead negotiator for your union, bargaining with Sobeys Capital Incorporated for our members working…
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Meet your Safeway/FreshCo Bargaining Sub-Committee

December 13, 2021

Your negotiations sub-committee provides a critical role in getting key messages out to all members at crucial times during bargaining, as well as ensuring we represent a robust cross-section of…
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Negotiations are officially underway for the Safeway/FreshCo 2022 contract

December 3, 2021

Watch a video update from President Traeger, your lead negotiator. Your negotiating committee met with representatives from Sobeys over the last two days to officially kick off bargaining your new contract and…
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Meet your Safeway & FreshCo Bargaining Committee!

November 26, 2021

Your Bargaining Committee: The proposals are in, the committee is formed, and today, your committee is going through the proposals you’ve all submitted. After today a document will be finalized…
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Bargaining Committee applications are open for Safeway and FreshCo members

September 10, 2021

Apply to join the bargaining committee before October 1, 2021.

Sobeys West Inc. Announces a New “Lockdown Bonus”

November 12, 2020

Earlier today, UFCW 832 was informed by Sobeys West Inc. that they will be reintroducing a new temporary incentive called the “Lockdown Bonus”. “Workers on the frontlines of this pandemic…
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