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Against Bill 16: let’s continue protecting and supporting workers

Not only has the Pallister government proven itself ineffective with overhauling healthcare and ensuring quality education, they also have a bill that puts workers like you at risk. The legislation proposed in Bill 16 will significantly change collective bargaining rules in Manitoba and tip the scales against workers and unions. 

What is Bill 16 all about?

One of the worst aspects of this bill is that it will eliminate the made-in-Manitoba binding arbitration rules that settle strikes and lockouts. These rules bring in a neutral, third party to settle deals when workers and employers cannot come to an agreement after 60 days of a labour dispute. They are the main reason why our province has historically had the fewest days lost to strikes and lockouts over the last decade.

These rules work. They’re good for workers, our economy and employers, who are also saying we should keep them in place!

Take action!

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