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In the December issue of UNION:

  • Why December 6 is Important to me.
  • Opening our eyes to diversity.
  • UFCW participates in Childcare 2020 summit.
  • Getting ready for 2015, UFCW prepares for federal election.
  • Dunn-Rite members being Done-Wrong.

In the November issue of UNION

  • UFCW Local 832 raises over $63,000 for Leukemia & Lymphoma
  • Westman activist dinner a success.
  • Northern rep, Blair Hudson retires.
  • Understanding sick leave for Loblaw members.
  • Local 832 honours 2013 retirees.

In the October issue of UNION

  • Remembering Michelle Masserey.
  • Your involvement and vote does make a difference at election time.
  • Celebrating labours victories.
  • Winnipeg Labour Council busy during civic election.
  • Bargaining updates from around the province.
  • The Opus Project.

In the September issue of UNION:

  • Union fights to end harassment and bullying in the workplace.
  • Light The Night Leukemia walk is fast approaching.
  • Local scholarships handed out.
  • Safeway store closure dates announced
  • Union puts Loblaw store management on notice
  • YIP program another success.

In the July / August issue of UNION:

  • Harper governement misses mark AGAIN on Temporary Foreign Workers.
  • UFCW Local 832 raises $55,600 for Leukemia research.
  • Red River Co-op gets back in the saddle again.
  • No more tiers! Two tier wages gone from Sobeys/ Safeway/Co-op collective agreements.
  • Unsung Heroes.

In the June issue of UNION:

  • Why Harper needs to look to Manitoba to fix the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
  • Vantage Foods is taking advantage from years of investment.
  • Portage Friendship Centre unviels new mural.
  • Local 832 is active at CLC convention.
  • Dunn-Rite members ratify new three-year deal.

In the May issue of UNION

  • A look at The Pas
  • Two year contract reached at Chalet Malouin
  • Four Hours' pay for called-in and scheduled shifts at Loblaws
  • Fairmont negotiations
  • One year later in Bangladesh
  • BDL and union working on a deal

In the April issue of UNION

  • Safeway members in Manitoba ratify new four-year collective agreement.
  • Winnipeg union representatives have territory change.
  • Income service winds down soon.
  • Retiree's hand out scholarships to members.
  • Telephone townhall announced for June 10.

In the February & March Issue of UNION

  • The Importance of International Women's Day
  • Safeway members stay informed on Negotiaitons
  • President Traeger keeps his word on increase in Northern Training
  • New executive board sworn in.
  • Rally for home deliver
  • UFCW Members can visit the Winnipeg Art Gallery for Free.

In the January issue of UNION:

  • Deja Vu? NRHA Bargaining in tough, Again.
  • Income tax service starts next month
  • No General dues increase in 2014.
  • Safeway part-timers need to be aware of section 18.12


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