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In theSummer issue of UNION

  • Important Local Nomination / Election Information Inside
  • Winnipeg's First Two-Spirit Powwow
  • Shaping the future of labour relations

In the May / June issue of UNION:

  • UFCW Local 832 holds its Activist Conference.
  • Touring of the WRHA Laundry Facility
  • Introduction of UFCW's History column

In the March / April issue of UNION:

  • UFCW Local 832's first Security Conference a success
  • Healthcare update
  • An inside look at the Granny's Poultry expansion

In the January / February issue of UNION:

  • Our legal team outlines how progressive discipline works
  • A review of our 2016 Policy Conference
  • Find out how orgazing was just made more difficult with our new government 

In the November / December issue of UNION:

  • Local 832 Honours 2015 Retirees
  • Diageo Scholarship Winners
  • What is the Worker's Compensation Board
  • Our Legal Team highlights the consequences of theft


In the September / October issue of UNION:

  • Diageo members receive arbitrator's decision.
  • HyLife members compensated.
  • Local 832 delegates participate at NDF Convention.
  • Are you getting what you're entitled to?

In the July / August issue of UNION:

  • UFCW Local 832 celebrates PRIDE in WInnipeg and Brandon.
  • Click and Collect arrives at Winnipeg Superstores.
  • Long standing steward, Murray McLean helps open new Dauphin Co-op.
  • BBQ at the WRHA Laundry Facility.

In the May / June issue of UNION:

  • Diageo members back to work.
  • Manitoban's voted for change.
  • Geoff Bergen joins Local 832.
  • Family Status, employer cannot discriminate has a duty to accomodate.
  • Youth Internship Program Phase 2 comes to Winnipeg.

In the March / April issue of UNION:

  • What's at stake? President Traeger looks at the Manitoba provincial election
  • No dues increase in 2016.
  • Shop steward Kathryn Lunt at No Frills talks shop.
  • Territory changes for the local.
  • Manitoba steps up to address PTSD in the workplace.
  • Retiree scholarships awarded.

In the January/ February issue of UNION:


  • UFCW Local 1869 merges with Local 832. Membership now grows to 17,500.
  • Maple Leaf Winnipeg members ratify new deal.
  • Granny's shop steward Frank Manaigre prepares for negotiations.
  • UFCW Local 832 members at Crown Royal in Gimli win prestigious award.


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