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UFCW Invites Trustees to the Bargaining Table

September 9, 2020

This afternoon, the UFCW 832 Union Negotiator sent a letter to Eric Barnaby, Director of Human Resources and Chris Broughton, Chair of the Winnipeg School Division Board of Trustees to invite them to the bargaining table.  

Read the original letter here

UFCW 832 has consistently communicated that we will engage in meaningful bargaining, and the Union would welcome the Trustees to come to the table to ensure that everyone has the same information.

Winnipeg School Division Bus Driver Strike Starts Today

September 8, 2020

At 7:00 am this morning, School Bus Drivers were at the picket line. They were ready to vote on a new offer, but since a new offer didn’t show up, they were instead picking up strike vests, arranging schedules and preparing to walk.

Bus drivers will officially start the picket line on Wednesday at 7 am. The Union has strike guidelines in place that will include social distancing and mask-wearing.

Winnipeg School Division Bus Drivers move forward with Strike Action for September 8

September 2, 2020

In the absence of a new offer, the UFCW 832 Bus Drivers working in Winnipeg School Division met this afternoon to start prepping for a strike that will commence on September 8.

Winnipeg 1 Bus Drivers Vote No to School Divisions Bill 28 offer and set strike deadline of September 8

August 10, 2020

Bargaining resumed for a single day in mid-July, when the Winnipeg School Division 1 bargaining committee was handed a final offer that contained the financial terms of bill 28. Bus Drivers met last week, at a socially-distanced in-person meeting, reviewed the details of the final offer and strongly turned it down.

“Offering the terms of Bill 28 is unacceptable,” stated Bea Bruske, Secretary-Treasurer of UFCW Local 832. “Bus Drivers have the important job of making sure our kids are looked after as they get to and from school, they deserve a fair deal.”

Wpg School Division 1 Bus Drivers Delaying Strike Deadline

March 24, 2020

Due to the recent and rapid escalation of Covid-19, UFCW 832 has decided to delay the final vote on March 24 and step back from potential strike action on April 6, 2020.

“Given the stress and uncertainty that everyone is going through right now, we are postponing our strike position and bargaining with Winnipeg School Division 1, until a more appropriate time,” said Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832.

The Union will look at new bargaining dates in the future, when both sides are able to meet.

Winnipeg School Division 1 Bus Drivers Give Unanimous Strike Mandate, UFCW wants parents and students to be ready in case of strike

March 3, 2020

UFCW 832 members at Winnipeg School Division 1 voted 100% in favour of strike action after hearing details of how their employer wants to gut their collective agreement. There were 71 members in attendance at the meeting.

New 4-Year Agreement at Winnipeg School Division (WSD)

November 3, 2015

On November 1, by a vote of 97 per cent, UFCW Local 832 union members who work as bus drivers for the Winnipeg School Division said yes to a new collective agreement.
During the life of the four-year contract, wages for the bus drivers will reach parity to other school bus drivers in the city.
“One of the main reasons for this increase is to bring the bus drivers’ salary in line with the rest of the sector,” said Secretary-Treasurer, Beatrice Bruske.

Winnipeg School Division bus drivers negotiations update

July 21, 2015

Negotiations for a new collective agreement are ongoing. Your union negotiating committee last met with the Winnipeg School Division management committee on July 14, 2015. There are a significant number of proposals that the committees are working through and so far all of the items under discussion are non-monetary.  We will not start dealing with the monetary issues until such time as all non-monetary items are resolved.

First Canada members ratify new deal

August 19, 2012
UFCW Local 832 members working at First Canada ratified a new three-year agreement on Sunday, August 19 by 66 per cent. The members had previously rejected the employers last offer. Some of the members took time during and after the meeting to thank the negotiating committee.

First Canada and Union meet, try to reach tentative deal

August 16, 2012
Talks have been ongoing today after the members turned down the company's offer by 68 per cent on Monday, August 13. Should progress be made, the union will contact the members directly.


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