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UFCW Welcomes New Members at Dunn-Rite

November 25, 2019

UFCW Local 832 would like to welcome the Maintenance Department at Dunn-Rite to the Union.  These members maintain the equipment and make sure production lines are running correctly. Without these workers, the plant stops.

Union organizer, Mike Howden was approached with issues of wages and workplace respect and dignity after seeing the improvements that UFCW members were gaining on the production side, and they wanted to have a strong unified voice to stand up to management and improve their conditions.

Dunn-Rite Negotiations Resume

January 13, 2017

Negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement for UFCW members working at Dunn-Rite Food Products will resume on February 7. The parties have also scheduled further meeting dates for February 22, March 3 and 8.

Union negotiator Sonia Taylor said, “The committee consisting of Manny Loura, Kaltoum Hamoud, Yongquan Li, Musa Mansaray and myself are hoping to make significant progress at these meetings.”

Negotiator Taylor will update the members from Dunn-Rite as progress is made.

Dunn-Rite Negotiations Ice-cold

December 13, 2016

Back in August, the union negotiating committee—headed by Sonia Taylor, Manny Loura, Kaltoum Hamoud, Yongquan Li, and Musa Mansaray—met with the company to begin bargaining. Unfortunately, despite several requests, the union has not received any further meeting dates from the company.

The union is giving Dunn-Rite Food Products until early January to supply dates to continue negotiations. If the company does not supply dates when they are available to meet, the union will be requesting the government to appoint a conciliation officer for assistance.

Negotiations Begin in July with Dunn-Rite Foods

June 24, 2016

The collective agreement for the union members working at Dunn-Rite Foods expires on June 30, 2016. On July 28, the union and the company will commence negotiations to renew the contract.

The union negotiating committee is comprised of lead negotiator Sonia Taylor, Manny Loura, Kaltoum Hamoud, Xun (Frank) Li, and Musa Mansaray. Following the July 28 meeting, negotiator Sonia Taylor, we will provide the Dunn-Rite members with information on additional dates and the status of negotiations.

Union notified of Dunn Rite Foods sale

October 19, 2012
The union has learned that poultry producer, Dunn Rite Foods has been sold to Sun Rise Poultry Processors from Surrey, British Columbia. At meetings today, the company notified the approximately 200 UFCW Local 832 members who work at the plant of the sale. The company stated in an email and later informed the union and its members that they will honour the collective agreement that Dunn Rite recently ratified. UFCW Local 832 President Jeff Traeger looks forward to meeting with the company officials when the sale has been finalized.

Dunn-Rite negotiations stuck on monetary issues.

June 26, 2012
On June 11, the union negotiating committee presented their proposals to the company. While the company had no proposals of their own, they wanted some time to provide a full response at our next meeting. The company team consists of Mario and Rico Bertschinger, Vance Rempel, and Milt Christiansen (spokesperson). On June 18 & 19, both parties met again and were able to agree on several non-monetary improvements. All items agreed are subject to the parties reaching a tentative agreement, and a vote of the membership.

Proposal meetings set for Dunn-Rite

April 10, 2012
The  existing collective bargaining agreement for Dunn-Rite expires on June 30, 2012.  We have already begun to prepare for negotiations to obtain a new Agreement. Part of the preparation process is to obtain your ideas about what improvements should be negotiated into the new Agreement.

Dunn-Rite members ratify new agreement.

November 24, 2008
On Nov. 24th members at Dunn Rite Food Products voted 67 per cent in favour of their new collective agreement.  The four-year agreement (July 1st 2008 to June 30th 2012) contains improvements to wages, benefits and premiums.  Members will receive across the board wage increases of three per cent that is retroactive to July 1st 2008, an additional three per cent on July 1 2009, three and a half per cent effective July 1st 2010 and a final three and a half per cent July1st 2011. Members who participate in the RSP contributions will see an increase from four per cent to five per cent.

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