January 22, 2020

UFCW 832 congratulates the members of Winnserv on their new three-year agreement, ratified earlier this week at 100%.

This agreement gives the members, who support people with intellectual disabilities, a new float day; a new weekend premium; and a general increase to all other premiums. It also eliminates the previous limit on the number of meals members could share with their clients.

Winnserv Negotiations to Continue in September

July 11, 2019

The bargaining committees negotiating a new collective agreement for our members at Winnserv met on July 4 and 5. During these two days, the parties did make good headway on some of the non-monetary issues.

Union negotiator Phil Kraychuk stated, “We will continue negotiations in September and plan to deal with the remainder of the outstanding non-monetary items, as well as address the monetary proposals.”

Negotiator Kraychuk will provide a further update after the September meetings.

Winnserv Negotiations On-going

July 14, 2017

The union negotiating committee comprised of head negotiator Martin Trudel, Abdul Kanu, and Scott MacAuley met with Winnserv for another round of bargaining on June 20.

During this bargaining date, the parties continued to address all remaining non-monetary items as well as begin to address some monetary ones. As you are probably, with the changes the current provincial government is making, the union is handcuffed until it finds out whether or not this sector is included in the much publicized Public Services Sustainability Act (Bill 28).

Gather Your Ideas — Winnserv Proposal Meetings Set

November 2, 2016

The current collective agreement for union members working at Winnserv expires on March 31, 2017, but the union has already begun to plan for the bargaining of a new one. Part of the preparation is to get ideas about what improvements the employees would like to see negotiated into the new contract.

Tentative Agreement Reached at Winnserv

December 2, 2014

The union negotiating committee, comprised of Yonas Woldeslassie and lead negotiator Martin Trudel, is pleased to inform the union members working at Winnserv that a tentative agreement has been reached.

As such, the union scheduled a ratification meeting for December 14. At the meeting, the committee will provide the membership with a summary of negotiations and the details of the settlement prior to the vote taking place.

Tentative agreement reached at Winnserv

November 14, 2011
A tentative agreement has been reached for the UFCW Local 832 members working at Winnserv. A memorandum of agreement has been signed by the union and the company and a ratification vote has been set for December 2, 2011. Ratification Vote December 2, 2011 12:00pm (noon) and 6:00pm UFCW Local 832 main boardroom 1412 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg Please attend one of the meetings.

Negotiations continue at Winnserv

October 6, 2011
Your union negotiating committee has been busy working on a new collective agreement for you. We have discussed many issues and have been able to resolve some of them. We are now starting the monetary issues you have proposed. So far, negotiations have been respectful and important discussions are taking place. We have set another meeting for October 31 and are hoping the employer will be able to give us the answers we need to be able to make decisions or generate alternate ideas. After the October 31 meeting we will update you further on the progress of your negotiations.

Tentative agreement reached at Winserv

October 28, 2010
Bargaining commenced in February and after many meetings we were making pretty good progress. Then we hit the monetary issues and things got bogged down. The employer was not ready to respond to our demands. Funding notification had not yet been received from government. Then meetings were cancelled over the summer and early fall by the employer. The union was able to have a conciliation officer involved and that has helped us to move forward.

Bargaining continues at Winnserv

April 22, 2010
Negotiating committee busy analyzing managements wage proposal. Your bargaining committee has had 2 meetings with management since we last communicated with you and both were productive.  The tone continues to be respectful and we are trying to problem-solve as we proceed. WHAT PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE? Almost all of the non-monetary issues have been dealt with so far.  There are a few which are still hanging the desire to be able to bank overtime to use later as time off rather than get paid out for it, for example.

Winnserv bargaining begins

February 10, 2010
New members look for first agreement. Your bargaining committee consists of union negotiator, Susan Hart-Kulbaba,  C.

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